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Enjoy the bank exam coaching online free. By this his free Bank PO course you will get Every subject one topic Video Lecture with Home Work Assignment with video solution & 20 Marks Topic wise test & one Mock Test of 100 Marks.

All the topic wise lectures are design with animation in such a way that you will easily understand the concept of Topic. Animated Video lectures will help you to recollect the concept while solving the questions.

Mock Test has unique Analytical Tool, where you may easily analysis your performance in criteria like subject wise, Time wise as well as Topic wise. You may also Generate Certificate which will be sign & seal by IIKD for your reference & may download or easily share in social media like FB, Twitter etc.

Enjoy your free Bank PO Course. If you want to upgrade your course to Premium Course for all subjects, you may click on purchase button. Premium course is All in One Unique Course, which will help you to crack.

  1. IBPS, SBI, RBI Exams
  2. All Co-operative Banks’ Exams
  3. MBA / Law CET
  4. All Corporate Interview Aptitude Tests

After upgrading to premium course, you will get the following feature with 24 months validity.

  1. 200+ Video Lectures
  2. Homework assignment with video solutions
  3. Sectional Tests – 20
  4. Topic-wise Tests – 80
  5. Prelims – 20
  6. Mains – 10
  7. Topic-wise Tests – 80
  8. Lectures in Hindi + English
  9. E-Books
  10. Practice Questions- 4800+

How to become Bank PO

online bank coaching course
  • Video Lectures-200
  • Homework assignment with video solutions
  • Sectional Tests – 40
  • Topic wise Tests – 80
  • Prelims – 20
  • Mains – 10
  • Validity- 12 Months
  • Lectures in Hindi + English
  • E-Books
  • Practice Questions- 4800


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